How To Control Quality Of Structural Steel Pipe

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ASTM used to be known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, and is globally recognized for developing international voluntary consensus standards in a variety of materials and products. There are around 12,000 ASTM standards used worldwide to ensure quality and safety, and to facilitate trade.
LSAW Steel Pipe is chosen because it is resistant to corrosion and oxidation and is used in construction, aviation, marine industries, and pharmaceutical industries. ASTM tubing may be used for transfer of liquid or gaseous chemicals from one place to another, either internally within a manufacturing or processing plant, or externally to other locations. ASTM tubing is used in hospitals, for railings, and for building and infrastructure projects. When a project leader orders ASTM steel tubing, he or she knows that the product will meet specific international standards and will be suitable for the uses the ASTM standard was developed for.

LSAW pipe structural steel is critical to projects ranging from bridges and tunnels to runways and commercial and industrial buildings. ASTM structural steel comes in a variety of cross sectional shapes which are used as support members, railings, and exposed architectural members. Architects and engineers must be thoroughly grounded in knowledge of the various ASTM standards that apply to structural steel and other types of steel that are used in their projects. This allows for easier specification and confidence that the materials received meet standards for safety and quality.

When your steel supplier has a thorough understanding of LSAW steel pipes and other international standards applicable to their products, the ordering process is easier. You don't want to have to explain why you need a particular ASTM standard product, you simply want to make your specifications and trust that your supplier understands exactly what you want. When your supplier also has the necessary expertise in logistics, scheduling, transport, and last mile delivery, obtaining the steel products your project requires is simplified further. Standards such as the ASTM standards for steel products facilitate communication and allow the steel procurement process and your project to proceed expediently.

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