Types of Steel Pipes are Best Suited for Heavy Industries

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The combination of the carbon and steel is one of the key benefits for the material to roll, bend, fabricate or form into multifarious shapes, sizes and configurations.As the name implies, these pipes are made from carbon, without the use of any other alloy. These steel pipes can be used in various industrial applications and are very useful in transferring materials from one place to another. With some variations in the steel making process and the deoxidization process, several different varieties of these pipes can be manufactured.
High carbon variety: This particular type of LSAW Steel Pipe is has high carbon content and it is used in creating different products. For instance, it can be used in making sharp cutting tools, blades, high tensile strength wires and springs. However, the high carbon content pipes are rather vulnerable to heat and high temperatures. This makes them malleable and hence it is used extensively to be shaped into different objects. Also, it has a very high tensile strength which makes it possible to make objects that can endure extreme working conditions. For instance, in rugged sectors like mining, these pipes are in high demand.

Low carbon steel pipe variety: This variety of steep pipes is used mainly for transferring different kinds of materials such as gas, oil, water etc. These steep pipes are resistant to corrosion and hence they last longer underwater as well. This makes them rather useful in oil rigs etc. However, the pipes with low carbon content are not as tensile as their high carbon counterparts.

JCOE pipe is classified into categories such as low-carbon steels, medium-carbon steels, high-carbon steels and ultra-carbon steels. It is very clear that as the carbon content rises, the ability and strength of the steel gets stronger and harder throughout the heat treating process. However, on the flipside, regardless of the high carbon content in a material it reduces the ductility and welding ability of the material. It also lowers the melting point in the material.

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