How To Build Your Pipe Network Sufficiently Secure?

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For businesses involved in oil, gas or chemical transfer, no matter how limited the extent, new and existing pipe networks should be checked to see they meet the highest standards for secure containment. One of the main concerns is that many existing pipe networks, and indeed many LSAW Steel Pipe available on the market today, are made from carbon steel.
LSAW steel pipes has many uses in the transfer of non-hazardous materials in normal external atmospheric conditions (in sprinkler systems for example). It is however highly susceptible to corrosion, particularly from harsh atmospheric environments such as salt water. Additionally, carbon steel is more difficult to repair or cap using welds since, in its strongest formations, it is both highly heat resistant and far less ductile than other steels.

An additional problem with existing networks can be the poor quality of the pipe connections or of the Low carbon steel pipe used to secure those connections. Not only can flanges also be made from the same corrosion-susceptible carbon steel, in some cases the pipes will not be fitted securely within the flange. The resulting weakness in the connection again makes the network more vulnerable to corrosion.

Replacement of pipe fittings and pipe flanges with those made from a more secure stainless steel product is always highly recommended for oil, gas and chemical transfer. Austenitic stainless steel or the even more corrosive-resistant superaustenitic stainless steel may be the most suitable, depending on the substance being transferred. These are both also very easy to weld.

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