Different Steel Welded Pipes for Various Applications

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The steel pipes play very important role in construction project. Among all the different steel pipes, the steel welded pipes seem to be in increasing demand. This can be attributed to the improvement of welding techniques. Different welding techniques can make steel welded pipes for specific applications and the steel welded pipes are also diversified and come in various types. This also helps make the steel welded pipes gradually replace the pipes especially the seamless steel pipe in many projects.
For different welding techniques, the steel welded pipes include submerged arc welded popes, JCPE pipe for gas pipeline, etc. These steel welded pipes are made mainly via the welding techniques such as MIC welding, TIG welding, submerged arc welding, etc. Since most of the welding techniques use shielding gases, we can hardly see the contamination of the weld point. Actually, different welding techniques decide the different performance and application of the steel welded pipes.
One of the most frequently applied welding techniques is arc welding, through which submerged arc welded pipes, LSAW steel popes or JCOE pipe for large oil pipeline can be made. This kind of welding technique involves the use of metal filler rod that is charged with electric arc for fusing metals. The submerged arc welded pipe or LSAW steel pipe made via the arc welding are mainly used for delivering oil, gas, etc in very large projects and the welding technique can ensure the pipes to have very intensified surface, resistance to high impact and fatigue. These welded pipes, such as JCOE pipe for gas pipeline has very large diameter and can bear large load.
Actually, different types of welded pipes are meant for different applications. For the carbon steel pipes, they are mainly used as protection tubes of electrical equipment. For the longitudinal welded steel pipe, they are used in projects that have very high requirement of strength. The spiral H.F welded pipe made from the hot rolling steel sheets and spirally formed via H.F joint welding technique can be used in delivering liquids at very low pressure. The JCOE pipe is mainly meant for large oil pipeline since it is excellent in corrosion resistance and large diameter, etc.
The steel welded pipes come in different types and they are meant for different applications. The difference in application of these steel welded pipes is decided by their welding techniques. Among all types of steel welded pipes, the LSAW steel pipe seems to be more widely used.

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