How to Choose Longitudinal Welded Pipe

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Longitudinal welded pipes are pipes manufactured via the H.F welded pipe mill or submerged arc welding pipe mill. The longitudinal welded pipes are one of the most basic pipes used in oil and gas transmission. For years, the development of longitudinal welded pipes has been improved greatly and the types of longitudinal welded pipes have also been diversified. Now, the longitudinal welded pipes, especially those pipes with large diameters have been extensively used in petrochemical industry, utility equipment, chemical industry, etc.

The wide application of longitudinal welded pipes brings more business opportunities to the line pipe manufacturers and the number of manufacturers in the line of longitudinal welded pipes has been on the rise in recent years, especially the LSAW pipe manufacturers. Among so many longitudinal welded pipe suppliers, how to select the pipes that can have better quality at very affordable price?

What comes first is that we need to make serious considerations about the quality of steel sheet or plate based on which the longitudinal welded pipes are made. Have a check of the grade of steel, chemical component, mechanical property of the steel plate by referring to the specifications. The longitudinal welded steel must have adopted steel sheet of high grade and this can ensure the mechanical property of the welded pipe. Also, the content of the phosphorous and sulphur must be well controlled since the overly content of these substances may result in poor impact strength.

Besides, we need to have a look of the wall thickness and surface of longitudinal welded steel pipe. Usually, the wall thickness of the longitudinal welded steel pipe must reach the standard requirements. For the surface of the welded pipe, we need to make sure there is no rust. If there is any rust, we need to take measures to remove rust. The surface of the longitudinal welded pipe has much to do with whether the welded pipe may easily get corroded or not. Usually, the welded pipe has to be coated with anti corrosive materials so that the welded pipes can be used in various environments without being corroded or worn.

Moreover, we need to choose very reliable manufacturers that have specialized in the manufacturing of longitudinal welded pipe. Usually, the reputation of the line pipe suppliers can reflect whether the quality of their products is good enough. The reliable line pipe suppliers always offer good price as well as after service and this can save us much trouble. The Hebei Haiqianwei Steel Pipe CO., is such a reliable LSAW pipe manufacturer with great reputation known at home and abroad.

Nevertheless, for the right choice of longitudinal welded pipe, we need to know how to identify the good pipes and choose reliable suppliers.

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